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Here at SelectDJ Academy, we are not a trend or a “get rich quick” scheme with holiday-like DJ courses. Instead, we are the most proven DJ school in Europe because we take the DJ art form seriously. We love the DJ art and we believe in having the finest quality of education in our DJ course. That level of excellence is what our DJ school’s foundation is based upon.

Crowd color picWe look at DJing as an art and as a form of personal expression that was almost taboo before we existed. Since 2007, we have provided high quality DJ education to hundreds of students with the help of our instructors who have decades of experience in DJing and teaching. Because of this extensive teaching experience, we understand the fact that everyone is different and everyone should be individually assessed. We have great confidence in our past and upcoming DJ students’ ability to make a significant impact in the DJ world. Alongside this confidence, we truly believe that DJs have always been rock stars and we are delighted that such a dream is finally being realized.

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